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JComponentPack 3.1 - a powerful set of Java Swing components for GUI intensive applications

If you are a Java developer working on applications that process large amounts of data and use a lot of front-end Swing components, you may eventually find them insufficiently functional. A seemingly simple task of creating a spreadsheet or a flexible data grid may turn out to be a real headache, since you won't find them in the default package and will need to look elsewhere. If you can relate to this and are always on the look for a set of powerful components that would extend standard Swing capabilities, don't miss JComponentPack 3.1!

JComponentPack 3.1 is a Swing GUI library (a visual JavaBeans collection) that greatly facilitates the creation of complex GUI's. Based on the Swing MVC structure and written entirely in Java, the library includes over 20 components that Swing itself so unfortunately lacks and that are sought by so many. These components include a DB-enabled table component, an Excel-style spreadsheet component, a calendar, a list view, a wizard framework and a whole lot more. The components are 100% ready to use, so all you need to add a spreadsheet to your project is install JComponentPack 3.1 and drag the corresponding component onto the form.

JComponentPack 3.1 will save a considerable amount of your time and money by offering a ready solution for a great number of complex development situations, so if you are looking for the best set of third-party Swing extensions, consider it found!

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- Reviews by the 3d2f.com editors

I really like your software and am seriously looking at buying it.

- Tony

JDirChooser Component is the gratest dirchooser component have seen around several. It is much easier & quick use your component.First of all thank you for available it evaluate to use.

- sena

I checked your components and was very impressed
You seem very proud at your support for Right-To-Left orientation and you
should! - interesting and professional work
Again - lovley component set (Especially Cell Layout - very inspirefull)

- Eyal Katz

Ok thank you very much for your answer.
And yes it was in fact obvious.
I will do that today.

- Fabrice

First I would like to start out by saying that your technical support is first
rate.  I have always gotten quick and correct answers.  Requests for new features
are always handled quickly and the results are top quality.
Thanks for having a terrific product and top quality support.

- Kevin

Thank you for the fast turn-around on the fix.
Once again, thank you for the fast response

- Ken Moyer

Thank you for responding and I just accomplished exactly what you 
recommended...Thank you very much for your help. The problem I had was trying to 
manipulate the data in one column but by splitting it into three separate  columns,
it was much easier. Thanks again.

- mike

I've just upgraded from version 1.9.1 to latest version of JDataGrid
Spreadsheet Edition and must say that it's great work! I've just
replaced old jar with new jar and all my previous code working as
expected (98%).. And I'm running very complex code. Thanks guys for
great backwards compatibility. Money well spent :).

- James La Guma

Hallo, very nice components. Excellent.

- Eugen Helbling

As always thank you for your excellent support. All answers have been quick and very helpful.

- Kevin Kalmbach

First I would like to start out by saying that your technical support is first rate. I have always gotten quick and correct answers. Requests for new features are always handled quickly and the results are top quality.
Thanks for having a terrific product and top quality support.

- Kevin Kalmbach
JDataGrid does a great job of displaying the HTML.
- Malcolm Davis
I like this date picker very much. I looked at a lot of them before choosing yours.
- Scott Reed

We intensively evaluated the v1.9.1 JDataGrid SpreadSheet edition product to see if it could be adapted to our needs. The conclusion of our evaluation process is successful.

- Serge Bellon

I like it a lot so far, looks great.

- Sean Arney
I have download the JDatagrid-library and tried it for a few time and I think the product is very good.
- Fabio Gallina
The JCalendar has been very easy to use. I am fairly new to Java and I was able to convert my prototype application to use your JCalendar component, from another one, without a problem. I have also achieved what I couldn't do with the previous calendar component; highlight days. This is great.
- Gary Edwards
The inheritance selection mode works very well in general. The behaviour that selecting/deselecting a child node brings the parent node to pending state is just what I want. :-)
-Ralf Horstmöller
I bought a license from you a few months back- I really enjoyed your component. Your software became an integral part of the Vadosity Toolkit and Viewer.
-Brett Shelley
We are impressed with your grid, it has a lot of good features!
-Park Joseph