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JComponentPack Plug-in for NetBeans IDE 6.5


1. Download the JComponentPack Product and JComponentPack Plug-in for NetBeans IDE from:
Go to download page...
2. Click “Tools -> Plugins” to open the Plug-in Manager, then at “Downloaded” Tab add the plugin:

3. Select the Plug-in “JComponentPack” and then click “Install”.


After Installation, restart the NetBeans IDE, you will find the following changes:
1. At the Toolbar, you will find the Plug-in button:

2. At the Library Manager, the Library named “JComponentPack” has been added:

3. At the Component Palette window, the “JComponentPack” category has been added:

You can drag the component at the Palette to your form:

Main Window

Click the new added button on the Toolbar, the following window will open:

You can configure the latest JComponentPack version, just choose the JComponentPack product directory.


License Tool
Request Evaluation License:
You can request a evaluation license, a free evaluation license will send to your email box shortly, please input your real email address to avoid cannot receive the license, we value your privacy.

Input License:
     After you receive the license, you can input the license data here.

Generate Java Code:

If you want to use our product on your project, you need configure the license correctly, this tool will help you generate a Java String.

Then invoke the following code:
// the code means the above license data

Run JComponentPack Demo:

You can run the several JComponentPack Demo at NetBeans IDE directly, you need configure the JComponentPack product home at first.

Run JDataGridBean: This will launch the JDataGridBean application.
Run DataGridDemo: This will launch the many JDataGrid Spreadsheet Edition demos.
Run JDataTableBean: This will launch the JDataTableBean application.
Run ComponentSetDemo: This will launch the individual component demo, such as JListView, JFontChooser, JCalendar, JWizardPane.

NetBeans IDE Integration:

Add as Class Library: This will adds the current JComponentPack product to the Class Library.


There are several documents to help you learning and using the JComponentPack product.


If you configure the JComponentPack product home directory to the licensed binary version, you will view the JavaDoc API in your code editor of NetBeans IDE directly, configure it to the licensed source code version, you will view the source code and JavaDoc API in your code editor directly. After you configure the JComponentPack product home directory, you should run "Add as Class Library" again to make your configuration works.

How to get the JComponentPack product binary version or source version?

Get it Now!

Configure it and the JComponentPack Plug-in for NetBeans IDE will accelerate your project development process, save time, reduce costs for your team.