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 Why JComponentPack

1.Try before you buy

  Try it before you buy it, download the evaluation version, request a free evaluation license now!

2.30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

  No Risk - Money Back Guarantee! You can return the product for any reason whatsoever. Maybe you don't like the font, I don't know, but whatever your reason is, if you are dissatisfied for any reason, you money will be refunded immediately with no questions asked.

3.Award Winning Products

  JComponentPack has been awarded JARS TOP 25%, 5 Stars at Brothersoft, Fileheaven, Soft32, OneKit and Softcities.

4.100% Pure Java Component

  JComponentPack is 100% Pure Java component, it's implemented entirely in Java to promote cross-platform consistency and easier maintenance, it has no native dependencies, can run on Windows and Linux operating system seamless.

5.Swing MVC Architecture

  JComponentPack is based on the Swing MVC architecture, it enable the power of model-driven programming, support multiple look-and-feels.

6.Integrate into IDE very well

  JComponentPack is IDE friendly product, it adhere to JavaBeans design principles to ensure that components behave well in IDEs and builder tools. Download the JComponentPack Plug-ins for NetBeans IDE right now.

7.Very small distribution size

  The core library of JComponentPack is very small, after compression with pack200, the other package is optional, they can be deployed lazily on the Applet environment.

*Usage of pack200 tool
*Java Deployment Guide

8.Value for customers

  Over 600 customers on the worldwide area includes fortune 500 corporations choose our product in their solutions, We are proud of JComponentPack product help our customers improving productivity, accelerating project development process, reducing the Total cost of ownership(TCO).

*See a small sample of our organizational customers
*See testimonials of our customers

 Licensing and Service

Get Product and After-Sales Service

Once you purchase the product, you will get:
  • Free email technical support for one year
  • Free updates and upgrades for one year
  • The license key of JComponentPack product
  • The account and password to download the full version
  • Programmer guide and JavaDoc to learn the JComponentPack
  • More than 40 examples with source code
A Binary License or Source Code License is required for developers using our products. The initial purchase of Binary License or Source Code License includes one year maintenance for free. If you need further support or upgrades after the free period, you need to purchase a maintenance contract called Annual Maintenance Renewal.

Binary License

The Binary License allows you distribute the JComponentPack product with your applications that developed by you or your organization, allows unlimited royalty-free distribution of runtime.

Source Code License

The Source Code License allows you modify and distribute the JComponentPack product with your applications that developed by you or your organization, allows unlimited royalty-free distribution of runtime, the Source Code License already includes one Binary License for original or modified versions.

Annual Maintenance Renewal

The Annual Maintenance Renewal includes both technical support and product updates or upgrades for one year, allows you continue receiving technical support, product updates or upgrades.

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