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Use JBasicChart in JComponentPack

June 11, 2008

JBasicChart provides a basic chart component.
It could draw 3 styles graph, for example: PIE, LINE, BAR.

The following code demonstrates how to use JBasicChart.
JBasicChart basicChart = new JBasicChart();

private BasicChartModel createBasicChartModel_() {
        double[] yaxis = {1.000, 3.000, 2, 4, 0, 3.000, 0.000, 0.000, -5.000, 4.000, 3.000};
        int[] xaxis = {200701, 200612, 200611, 200610, 200609, 200608, 200607, 200606,200605, 200604, 200603};
        DefaultBasicChartModel model = new DefaultBasicChartModel();
        model.addSeries("a", yaxis);
        for (int i = 0; i < xaxis.length; i++) {
            model.setCategoryName("" + xaxis[i], i);
        return model;

It is easy to use JBasicChart, you could use method setModel(model) to change the data which displayed on the chart, and also you could use method setChartType(type) to change the style of the chart, the parameter type is one of the three values(ChartType.BAR、ChartType.LINE、ChartType.PIE).

To change the data of the chart, you should learn more about DefaultBasicChartModel.
addSeries(String name, double[] values),this method add a series values which will be y-axis value, each value have a category name, use the method setCategoryName(String name, int categoryIndex) to set it.
addSeries(String name, double[] values, int index),when you saw this method, you should know this model could add multi-series values to it.

It also have some other methods which are easy to use, for example:
getCategoryName(int categoryIndex)
getSeriesName(int seriesIndex)
removeSeries(int index)

For more information, please see DefaultBasicChartModel and JBasicChart.

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