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Introduce the cell renderer and editor in JComponentPack 1.1.0

June 16, 2008

1. ObjectCellRenderer and it’s subclass such as DateCellRenderer, NumberCellRenderer is used by JDataGrid or JTable component, if you want to write a cell renderer for JDataGrid, you should extend ObjectCellRenderer.The ObjectCellEditor and it’s subclass is used by JDataGrid or JTable component.

You can view these cell renderers in the com.zfqjava.swing.cell package before reinvent the wheel.
 The ObjectCellRenderer have the following subclass in com.zfqjava.swing.cell package:

The ObjectCellRenderer and ObjectCellEditor and it’s subclass are managed by CellManager object,
The JDataGrid use the CellManger object to mange all it’s cell renderer and editor, so you can add the renderer and editor for CellManager, you can also remove or replace the cell renderer or editor in CellManger.

 Write a ObjectCellRenderer subclass is very simple, generally you only need override it’s “setValue(java.lang.Object value)”method.

 Writer a ObjectCellEditor subclass, you can override it’s three methods:

protected  void  


protected  Object  


protected  void 

setValue(Object value)

If the editing have illegal value, you should override the “commitEdit()” method and throws a ParseException.
You can use the method setValue(Object value) to save the edited value, and
Override the method getValue() to return the new value.

You can use the protected field “label” to set the text, alignment, font, etc.

2. DefaultCellRenderer and it’s subclass such as FileCellRenderer is used by JListView component, DefaultCellEditor and it’s subclass such as FileCellEditor is used by JListView component, it works with the JListView component to provide the different view modes: small icon, large icon, list, thumbnails, details, so if you want to use JListView component, you can extend the DefaultCellRenderer.

Write the DefaultCellRenderer and DefaultCellEditor is same as the ObjectCellRenderer and ObjectCellEditor, the different is you should use the protected field “iconLabel” and “textLabel” to set the icon and text.

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